Jennifer. 20.
SW: 174 March 2013
CW: 144.8 August 2013
GW: 155

Yo! I'm just starting out on my fitness journey but I'm loving every moment. I love running and crossfit! I also do martial arts and tai chi to keep fit.

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I came home and my dad asked me what I had for dinner.
I said a bagel.
Then he proceeds to ask me if it was a vegetable bagel.
I said no.
Then he goes: Then where’s the nutrition value in that?
He says while pooring himself a bag of chips.


Complete Workout Photo Set




The perfect daily routine ☀️


Starting the day off right - oatmeal topped with banana, dark chocolate, maple syrup and cacao nibs


So, because I had to walk almost everywhere and didn’t have much of my own money to buy food with I ended up loosing quite a bit overseas.

Currently at 145 which means I’m actually so close to my goal now! But because I’m not doing any exercise lately there is a lot of chub. Dats okay because it’ll be gone before I start school! Huehuehue! How is everyone?


Awesome breakfast before I go to work on this saturday!